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FAQs on Dublin City Schools Ballot Issue

What will be included in the ballot issue?

The Board of Education has placed a combined issue on the November 6, 2018 ballot, which would include one vote on the ballot. It would have a no-new-millage bond issue and an 5.9 mill operating levy, along with a dedicated stream for permanent improvements.

What will the levy fund?

Funds from the combination levy will do the following:

  • Build 1 middle school, 2 elementary schools, and expand the high schools to prevent and reduce overcrowding.
  • Provide the classroom space needed and maintain the high quality of education we value so much in our community. That means no temporary and costly short-term solutions like classroom trailers.
  • Hire more teachers and staff needed for our growing enrollment.
  • Upgrade technology and learning spaces so our students are prepared for top colleges and today’s careers.
  • Provide safety and security upgrades throughout the school district.
  • Hire additional mental health experts to provide counseling and identify students who are at risk of violence.
  • Make building improvements and renovate aging schools to ensure our facilities are efficient.

What is the timeline for the new schools and additions?

If the levy passes, two new elementary schools will open in the fall of 2020, a fifth middle school opens fall of 2021, and the conversion of central office to a centralized preschool opens fall of 2020. The high school additions are to be determined.

What does “no new millage” mean?

It means it would come at no additional cost to taxpayers and it would fund the construction of the needed new schools and additions.

What would the operating levy fund?

It would fund the additional staff required for the new schools, including day-to-day operations of a school district.

What is meant by “permanent improvements”?

Permanent improvement funds provide an ongoing revenue source specifically for building maintenance, repairs and enhancements at existing buildings.

What has the district done to save the taxpayers money?

Dublin City Schools already owns land for the new elementary schools and the fifth middle school in Jerome Village and on Bright Road. In addition, the district has saved an estimated $95 million in construction costs and land acquisition by investing in non-traditional high school space at new Emerald Campus vs. building a fourth high school.

Why now?

It takes anywhere from 3-4 years to build a new facility and Dublin City Schools is already on pace see 17 of 20 schools over capacity by 2022. At that time, we will be 1,300 elementary students over capacity, which is the equivalent of two elementary schools.

What will it cost?

The issue will cost $207 per 100,000 of home value. It is the lowest amount requested since 1986!

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